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Easy Felted Bag (Free) Free Pattern from

Easy Felted Bag (Free)


18" long, 18" wide (before felting)
13" long, 14.5" wide (after felting)


3-100g skeins (about 330yds) of chunky weight feltable wool
Size US 13 - 40" circular needles


Cast on 34 sts on US 13 circular needle. Knit back and forth for 16 rows. Pick up around your rectangle 64 more sts. Now you have 98 sts. Continue to knit in the round for 14.5", being careful not to twist, and place marker to indicate the beginning of the round.
Now time for making handles. 
First row: Start from marker knit 8 sts, bind off 18 sts, knit 31 sts, bind off 18 sts, knit 23 sts. 
Next row: Knit 8, cast on 27 sts, knit 31 sts, cast on 27 sts, knit 23 sts.
Knit in the round 5 rows.
Purl in the round 1 row.
Knit in the round 5 rows.
Bind off all sts.
Now fold handles in two and sew using tapestry needle inside your bag.

Felting time!
Place the bag in the washer machine. Wash on the hot wash, cold rinse cycle. Felting may take 3-4 trips through the wash. Dry.

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