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Our customers have said

This is a very attractive and easy-to-use website. I'll certainly use it again when I'm looking for more knitting supplies.

Kendi, CA, Customer

I would purchase from yarn country again and will reccommend it to others.

Sheila, CO, Customer

Overall, a wonderful experience, particularly because they've identified whether or not the item is in stock; I find that quite helpful. Thank you!

Sarah, NM, Customer

What a wonderful selection of great yarn! At very competitive prices too! I'll definitely purchase yarn here more often!

Jane, OR, Customer

I had planned to e-mail to tell them how wonderful the yarn was, how easy everything was, and how happy I was with my delivery. Everything was excellent. Thank you so much!

Online shopper, Customer

This is an excellent site. Very easy to use and adapt.

Merrie, FL, Customer

I was surprised to receive my order so quickly! Wonderful emails and service, I will definitely order from again. I've even told my friends about my great experience and one has placed an order already. Thank you!

Katie, MA, Customer

A friend in my county ordered & was pleased with her order & fast shipping.

Lora, TX, Customer

Wow, that was fast. I just got the yarn. You guys are great!

Caroline, CA, Customer

Thanks for your help.  Your company is just great.

Judi, IO, Customer

Your prompt service, both in filling the order and in responding to my e-mail, insure I will continue to do business with you. Thanks, again!

Judi, NJ, Customer

I just wanted to thank you.  I received my order today.  I was very surprised how quick it was sent out, I just ordered it on Saturday.  Thank you so much I was able to cast on much quicker than I expected.

Courtney, AL, Customer

Thank you so much for your *amazingly* prompt service.  Although I live on the other side of the country, I had my yarn within 2 business days!

Kathy, IL, Customer

I will be looking at your website again. CONGRATULATIONS on your service ethic!!!

Barb, CA, Customer