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Catalina Yarn by Catalina

Catalina Yarns, Inc. is a wholesale provider of natural fiber, luxury yarns.


We specialize in baby alpaca yarns. In the future our collection will expand to include other yummy natural fibers including cashmere, cotton and merino wool.


We source our alpaca yarns through the largest producers of alpaca fiber in the world. Inspired by the spirit of the Incas, they emphasize working in harmony with the natural world by using technology that minimizes impact on the environment, preserving nature's bounty for future generations. Our supplier's business supports hundreds of thousands of Peruvians, with a goal of improving the lives of peasants throughout the Peruvian highlands.


Baby Alpaca fiber is warmer and lighter than wool, Baby alpaca is stronger than cashmere, as soft to the touch and more resistant to piling. The unique fiber structure of alpaca results in a handle that is several times softer than wools of similar diameter in microns. Also, alpaca is hypoallergenic and has none of the prickle of wool.


Source: Catalina Yarns Website